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Esgairwen Uchaf, Cwmann
Lampeter, Wales SA48 8HH
United Kingdom


Hobby breeding and showing of the Selkirk Rex Cat in the United Kingdom.

Noontide News Show News

All due for an update!

The back to back Hertfordshire & Middlesex and the Wessex Cat Club Show 1st March 2014

March started the show  calendar with wins for both Marni and Floyd. Marni was awarded a 1st and Best of Breed in both Hertfordshire & Middlex and the Wessex Cat club. She was also awarded her 1st two CC's.

Floyd did equally as well in the Kitten class getting a 1st in both shows and Best of Breed. He was also awarded the Best of Variety with the Herts & Middlesex Cat Club.


Bristol and District Cat Club 10th May 2014

Marni got a first in her open breed class and Floyd continued with a 1st and Best of Breed.


The back to back Cambria and Somerset Cat Club Show 7th June 2014

Gucci had her first show since having a litter of kittens in January. She had a very successful day despite her having her Summer coat on.  Gucci got a 1st and Best of Breed in both shows and was awarded another two CC's.  We are very proud on her becoming a Champion.  A very special thanks to Corinne Bromley of Coraski Selkirk Cats for our beautiful girl.

Luna, Noontide Moonshadow had a successful first show as a 5-month old kitten.  Luna is daughter of  Gucci, Coraski Katisha Noontide and Dixylan Hobo Cop.  She had a 1st and Best of Breed with the Cambria Cat Club and a Second  in the Somerset Cat Club. Show, where her competition was a spectacular kitten that  went on to win overall Best in Show. We are really pleased with Luna and hope to show her again.


West Country Cat Club Show 2nd August

Gucci was awarded her first Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed today and placed in all of her side classed. Floyd had his first GCCF  Adult Show and he was awarded his first Challenge Certificate and placed in all of his side classes. We are delighted and very proud of both of them.

Marni's Progress 16th August.

Marni developed a pyometra in early June and was treated with antibiotics and aluzin. At this time we are hoping that she may have taken and be in kitten but she looks just as slim as she always does and no sign of calling. A special thankyou for good advice form Selkirk Breeders about her care and support is in order, otherwise I might not have pushed my vets to try a the drug Aluzin. All we can say for now is that she is in really good health, chasing flies walking on the top rail of the stairs and climbing high on the underside of the conservatory roof (giving us heart failure). August 23rd success continued for Floyd he was awarded his 2nd Challenge certificate. Gucci was awarded her 2nd Grand Challenge Certificate. We are waiting for her to call so she can have a second litter kittens

September 2014

Marni remains in really good health. Gucci has been to visit Floyd, so hopefully kittens later in the year. Show success again for both Floyd and Luna. Floyd was awarded his 3rd Challenge Certificate and become a Champion and Luna had her last show as a kitten. She had beautiful competition and went on to win a first and BOB. We are delighted for her and hope to show her as an adult.

October 2014

The joint Selkirk Cat Club and Colourpoint Rex coated and AOV club show was Luna's first show as an adult. She had a successful red card day at both shows, First and Best of Breed  and awarded two challenge certificates, Judges Choice and went on to be the Best in Show, we are very happy Selkirk Peeps. 

Gucci is back in with Floyd who is doing his thing!!  Marni remains in delightful health with no sign of a call.

We also have a new Selkirk Rex Variant Boy Quizzicurl Cranachan, know as Fergal.  He is a Red Point & White Longhair. He is a stunning big boy that will make a valuable addition to our girls and our home. Thank you Christine Weber for this gorgeous boy. Fergal's page coming soon.


January 2015

The girls have started calling in January so we have been trying to sort out a back up stud for them as although Floyd is very handsome and doing his best we have not had any kittens yet.  All wait and see for now. We are hoping that Fergal might help us out soon!