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Esgairwen Uchaf, Cwmann
Lampeter, Wales SA48 8HH
United Kingdom


Hobby breeding and showing of the Selkirk Rex Cat in the United Kingdom.

Kitten Sales Information

All kittens are home bred and will be registered with the GCCF on the non-active register and will have a 5 generation pedigree.  Our Selkirk Rex kittens come from PKD negative lines.  We are HCM aware and our cats are also FIV/FELV negative.

Kitten Status:

Available - This kitten can be viewed and reserved for their permanent forever home.

On-Hold - This kitten is On-Hold until viewed and a deposit paid. May become available later. 

Reserved - This kitten has been chosen and has a deposit paid. A non-refundable £100.00 deposit is required to book a kitten.

Selkirk Rex kittens come with curly or straight hair, either long or shorthair and in any colour-way.  Certain matings can produce kittens that have two copies of the curly gene. The curly gene is dominant and certain traits are sometimes noticeable with kittens that inherit two of these genes (homozygous).  Their nose might be more prominent , larger ears, a dense but longer frame and very curly coat. This is sometimes lost during kitten-hood but grows back again.

If you are interested in buying a kitten from us please write and tell us something about yourself and your interest in the Selkirk Rex breed. 

We put a lot of love and care into our hobby and our cats are members of our family.  We need to ensure that our kittens are going on to good loving homes.  We are not interested in selling to cat breeding or research establishments, or those selling on to third party interests.

Before sale, our kittens will receive a complete course of basic vaccinations. They will have been Vet-checked twice and wormed on three occasions.  Kittens come with food samples, kitten information packs and toys to help them settle into their new homes.

Kittens will be ready to leave for their new homes at 13 weeks of age. They will be insured for their first 5 weeks and can be micro-chipped on request.

As a guide price for pet or show homes: -

Curly Selkirk Rex £ 600.00     Selkirk Rex Variants £ 500.00

The above prices are for non-breeding pet homes.  Pedigree registrations on the GCCF Active Register will only be considered by prior arrangements with like-minded Selkirk Rex breeders and will be subject to negotiated contractual restrictions.   We do not consider any kitten for the active register unless you are prepared to show your cats.

A kitten can be exported to Europe and the price depends on the current exchange rate. Breeding Cats cost more with Pet Passport, rabies vaccine and certified pedigrees and microchipping. There is also an extra Five weeks of keeping the kitten (19 weeks of age before travel) Extra worming and Flea treatments. Transportation is arranged by you but we are happy to meet at the nearest Airport.